Welcome To My New Site

I have worked on the Translations found on this site for most of my life. I am happy to finally be able to share it with everyone. This work is an ever-changing one so please come back for the latest version often. I will also be writing these occasionally, sharing insights and corrections that have been shared with me.

This work is my attempt to provide a clearer, more accurate interpretation of the Inspired Writings. Translations, like the King James Version have inherent errors with respect to understanding the truest meaning of the original words.

Proofs Of Supreme


Matter Radioactivity

Life Only From Life

Food Is Miraculous

Superior Mind

Inspired Writings

Old preserved by Orthodox Jews

New preserved by Greek Orthodox

Proof Of Supreme’s Inspired Writings

Number One Circulation In The World

Accurate Predictions

Accurate Texts

Dead Sea Scrolls

Accurate Scientifically

Accurate Historically


Lives Of His People From Abel To Now